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Special Duties

The office of the Director, Special Duties was established in November 2015 following approval from the Federal Government and is domiciled in the Office of the Director-General. Among other things, it assists in the day-to-day administration of the Director-General’s office and the management and supervision of staff and affiliate Units therein.

The Department is headed by a Director, and has the following Divisions


The Department has the following Divisions:

  1. General Administration

  2. Director-General’s Registry

  3. Protocol and travels

  4. Anti-corruption and Transparency Unit (ACTU)

  5. Stock Verification


The Roles played by Special Duties Dept. are as follows:

  1. Assisting the Director-General to formulate and articulate his leadership agenda for the Scheme

  2. Day-to-day administration and general management of staff in the Director-General’s office

  3. Assisting the Director-General in the supervision of reporting units

  4. Provision of secretariat services for Top Management and high-level meetings of the Director-General

  5. Assisting in managing the Director-General’s schedule to ensure that his activities follow espoused priorities

  6. Management of high-level access to the Director-General;

  7. Coordination of the Director-General’s response to emergencies

  8. Coordination of the Director-General’s briefing sessions

  9. Representing the Director-General in functions as may be delegated

  10. Managing the Director-General’s registry;

  11. Provision of support in times of leadership transition in the scheme;

  12. Liaison with the National Assembly

  13. Execution of special projects as may be assigned by the Director-General.

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